boosting success and minimising risk.


We have teamed up with investors and strategic partners in areas including telecom, IT, retail, real estate, construction and social enterprising.

We focus on maximising the value of investments by leveraging our global network and minimising risks with hands on involvement. 

EXAMPLES OF current VENTURE projects

BESSERBANK is an electronic payment solution that allows employers to pay salaries and benefits without the intermediation of banks.

MOBILIS is a new alternative to mortgage loans with a new vision on the relationship between homeowners and lenders.

PESCALUX uses advanced proprietary technology to harvest krill sustainably and economically.

HEALTHIPHI is a wellness platform developed for and by independent health professionals. It challenges a symptom focused industry in favour of people.

FIDESTA.PROPERTIES is an advisory in high end real estate transactions.

social ventures

DRIVING SUSTAINABILITY is a conference venture where we assemble a team of national leaders, scientists, celebrities and top level executives from around the world. The purpose is to catalyse opportunities at the intersection of the automotive and energy industries and to facilitate the implementation of innovative solutions. a global information hub about everything to do with water and a platform for the free and fair trading of water.

Our multi-national and industry agnostic network is instrumental when we set out to take on global opportunities and help solving urgent problems.

FIDESTA VENTURES advisory board

  • Rohit Talwar, London

  • Cristiano Carlutti, Shanghai

  • Óskar Jónsson, S-China, HK

  • Henrik Von Schoultz, Stockholm

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