we help investors focus on theIR MISSION.


Active investors need a strong partner to support their activities and busy lifestyles. They need someone they can trust and someone with solutions. The heart of FIDESTA is therefore a bond of trust between the client and an experienced FIDESTA Mentor who:

- Coordinates suppliers like banks, accountants and lawyers.

- Mediates the risks in direct investments and projects with direct involvement.

- Is a bouncing board for ideas and a resource for implementing them.

The Platform addresses common concerns investors have when embarking on new projects or investing in new ventures and helps optimise results and minimise investment risk by:

- Engaging top level executives from day one.

- Providing relevant operational and administrative support.

- Optimising the allocation of global specialist and financial resources.

- Opening doors to decision makers across industries and borders.


Our Mentors are specialised in implementing relevant solutions from our extensive toolbox and building client specific platforms. They help our clients focus on moving forward and focus on the big picture. 

FIDESTA Mentors are seasoned business people that are used to work with busy clients in their capacity as specialists, accountants or lawyers. They oversee a menu of services especially designed for each client's lifestyle and business activities.

We have extensive experience in supporting fast moving and demanding private investors, entrepreneurs and corporations. Our service has been shaped and refined in response to their needs since 1999.  


  • International companies and investors

  • Executives that need to focus on demanding jobs

  • Entrepreneurs that need coaching and global connections

  • Investors who want to support and monitor their venture investments

  • Investors who want to consolidate their investment activities

  • Companies and individuals looking for executive level support

fidesta clients can:

  1. Coordinate all their administrative needs through a single contact

  2. Save time by centrally managing banking, legal and accounting resources

  3. Choose from best in class asset management and insurance

  4. Access FIDESTA's global service menu with a single interface

  5. Get regular advice from FIDESTA Partners and Mentors

  6. Build their own personal platform for finance, investments and philanthropy based on their long term goals, their personal interests and their unique family situation

Would you like to become a FIDESTA client and
create your own business platform?





“I have been a client of Fidesta for over 12 years in my position as CEO of a diversified group of telecom and technology operators based in the USA.  During this time, Fidesta played the important role of supervising the holding company of our group; a vital role that requires taking responsibility and practicing disciplined administration. 

When problems come up, it is important for a CEO to know Fidesta’s relationship management is always in the hands of experienced partners with the capacity to provide different options, take appropriate action and organise the necessary support to implement changes.

It has been extremely valuable to be able to trust in the integrity and good judgement of Fidesta employees and their professional network when it comes to getting things done.  Having Fidesta source and manage specialists around a problem has saved us a lot of time and money that would otherwise have gone into finding someone with relevant experience and filling them in on the situation. 

Fidesta’s management takes responsibility, is proactive and has saved us significant sums of money by identifying and rectifying situations where our own management was unaware of a problem.

I believe their record of competence and trust has been invaluable.

I truly recommend them highly."

— D. C., U.S.A.